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Release date: 07.08.2009

our album and track Top Ten, according to the download statistics 2009

Album Top Ten

1. Aidan Baker: Paeu Sensible
from the album Paeu Sensible (zen021)

2. Raumwerk: Vom Scheitern Nietzsches Analytikers, Mahler zu heilen
from the album Insomnia (zen050)

3. Saffron Slumber: Of Ice Water and Steam
from the album Walk Through Doors (zen059)

4. Jopy: Rime Frost
from the album Third Generation Dirt Farmers (zen046)

5. Petal: Glass
from the album The Pharisee (zen029)

6. Jopy: Dhammavicaya
from the album Bojjhanga (zen043)

7. Raumwerk: Sting Meets Green
from the album Eine mögliche Reise (zen035)

8. Machine Thoughts: Teoria Maszyn
from the album Mysli Maszyn (zen014)

9. Petal: Meridian
from the album Variegations (zen048)

10. Maszyna_01: Atraktor
from the album Maszyna_01 (zen060)

Track Top Ten

1. Thomas Maos: Feed Me Back
from the album Chill in Drill out (zen049)

2. OVe: Deep Curtains
from the album s+r0be (zen016)

3. Instruction Shuttle: Exodus
from the album Activnoi-se (zen018)

4. AmgSphont: Pkhkvesis
from the album Landsphere:Atmoscape (zen032)

5. Kidsok Nuit & Trio Antimanerista: Necro-Sclerosiae
from the album Oblique (zen027)

6. Prototyp: Saturn II
from the album Prototyp (zen058)

7. Kenneth John Parsons: Blue World
from the album Inexplicata Music (zen024)

8. Instruction Shuttle: Broken Wing
from the album Outpost (zen045)

9. Kenneth John Parsons: Da-Vinci's-Vitruvian-Man
from the album Inexplicata Music (zen024)

10. Kenneth John Parsons: Leedskalnin-Movement
from the album Inexplicata Music (zen024)

Full Downloads

zen068.zip (complete double album)

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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Release date: 07.08.2001

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Coming Out Of HidingCrudDownload file (Save as)
Children Of The Ort CloudMaudibDownload file (Save as)
My Gluttoness Lobster BabyDhudnDownload file (Save as)
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Because You AreMaudibDownload file (Save as)
Y CleptEcuxDownload file (Save as)
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Ear Drum DreamCrudDownload file (Save as)
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Full Downloads

zen002.zip (complete album with artwork)

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