Nemeton is the ambient music project of Adrian Newton, a sound artist based in Dorset, UK.

Soundscapes are constructed from microloops and grains of sound, which are typically derived from field recordings, electroacoustic improvisations and other found sounds. Rather than focusing on the use of purely digital or synthetic sound sources, the aim is to create evolving organic textures from sounds rooted in the living world. In this way, the music provides a metaphor for nature, and our relationship with it.

The name "Nemeton" refers to the ancient sacred groves that once characterised the landscapes of Dorset and other areas of southern England.

Releases by Nemeton on Zenapolæ

Release date: 25.10.2015

a set of experimental ambient drone pieces inspired by San Bushman rock art and cosmology

1. Eland Potency
2. Rock Hive
3. Lighting in
4. Rain Swifts

All sounds and images were derived from the San, their rock art, the animals that they hold sacred, and the environments in which they live. These were processed digitally, to provide an echo of the transformations characteristic of San shamanistic practice. (For more information on San rock art see this Wikipedia article.)

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Copyright (c) 2015 by Nemeton.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


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