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April, 2015
a compilation of mixed and prepared industrial field recordings

1. A Coolant
I have recorded the sounds of a machine-tool's cooling systems. Then I made loops from these sounds processed by sound filters. No musical instruments.

2. Hard Alloy
The same principle as track 1. But recordings made in the machining workshop.

3. MSP
When I was 14, I started to work in large plant in the summer vacation. I bended some metal parts with a help of simple manual tool. There was a constant rhythmic noise around me. A lot of strange mechanisms - conveyors, press, welding, milling, drilling and grinding machines - moved and made this noise. I never heard something like this in my life, and I was very wondering. I tried to express these feelings in this composition. I used field recordings and added some guitar and synth.

4. MTP
When people worked among this noise, they change. Imagine you spend 8 hours a day many years in environment like this. I've done (imagined) and I got this collage. I also used the sounds of welding transformer in this one.

5. Day of the Mechanician
There's a public holiday in Russia and Ukraine - the Day of the Mechanician. It happened to be the last Sunday of September. Trade unions and managers organize holiday concerts of amateur performers. These performances are quite monotonous, and peculiar at the same time... I have my own vision of it

recorded in 2013 - 2014

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