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zenCast 9 - June 3rd, 2009


1. Herzog: Steady (12rec) [at ca. 0:25]
2. Jopy: The Immeasurable Equation (zenapolæ) [ca. 1:20]
3. dronæment: The Kids Are Not Alright (field muzick) [3:00]
4. Aidan Baker: The Sea Swells a Bit (www.aidanbaker.org) [11:20]
5. Muhr: Our Tired Souls (12rec) [17:30]
6. Kopf Ab: Anna (www.elektrogitarre.de) [21:30]
7. Lomov: Unterholzland (www.archive.org) [24:00]
8. Lomov: Hochwaldregen (www.archive.org) [26:30]
9. zenas(prime): Proto(type) (zenapolæ) [29:25]
10. Jopy: Missa Est (zenapolæ) [31:50]
11. Muhr: Sonette Pour Les Perdus (12rec) [33:50]
12. Raumwerk: Zweites Gemeinsames Ende (zenapolæ) [34:20]
13. dronæment: Some Frozen Minutes (field muzick) [39:50]
14. Jopy: Blue Jets (zenapolæ) [46:50]
15. Jopy: On The Capitol Lawn (zenapolæ) [50:15]
16. Thomas Maos: Forbidden Planet (zenapolæ) [54:10]

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Photo by ak. See playlist for track specific information.

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Our podcast series provides continuous re/mix collages of material from Zenapolæ and other netlabels. Meant for connaisseurs.

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