Agia Monaxia  

Αγία Μοναξιά /agia monaxia/ (greek) : saint solitude, ambient, drone, desolation, dark, weird, cinematic, seclusion, meditative, drone, ritualistic, hermetic, sleep, retreat, noise, drone, improvisational, new age, impulsive, stochastic, drone, Athens based experimental duo, drone.

Vagelis Moschos - guitars, keys, bass, production
Ashley Hallinan - drums, bass, keys
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Release date: 02.03.2020

Ανάλεκτα /analekta/ (greek) : analects, collection, travels, drones, selections, greatest hits, moments, drones, struggles, time, poems, peyote, being/not being, drones/not drones, third eye, self-realization, album, enjoy before sleeping.

1. Murmuration A
2. Our Casper
3. Irukandji
4. Kreuzberg Hostess
5. Murmuration B
6. Syndrome

Ashley Hallinan - drums, bass, synths, marimba
Vagelis Moschos - gtr, synths, piano, drones, bass, soundscapes

Melentini - trumpet on Kreuzberg Hostess

Written and conceptualized by Agia Monaxia
Produced and mixed by Vagelis Moschos
Mastered by Steve Lado
Layout and logo design by Alexandra Alexandridou

Thanks to :
Our Families, Vaggelis Chasiotis, Alexandra Alexandridou, Steve Lado, Melentini, Richard König, Theodore, Vasilis Dokakis , Aliki Evangelinou, Maria Mertzani, Celuta Red, Afformance, John Kontan, Nadia Pappa, the kreuzberg hostess, manos g, zenapolae records, Ilias Paschos

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Copyright (c) 2020 by Agia Monaxia
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


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