AsolanMac is from Treviso, Italy

The starting point of the project consists of a systematic and layered contrast of minimalist themes and free forms, improvised with the aim of being able to creatively represent a vision, shared by both, of a surreal existence where space and time are continuously altered by chaos. The overall musical effect is similar to an orchestra whose sound flows in a constant motion.

Releases by AsolanMac on Zenapolæ

Release date: 01.03.2016

some abstract acoustics

1. Viaggi nel tempo e vite passate (prologo)
2. La vita durante il sonno
3. Radici Rami Corona
4. Organizzazione per diventare grandi persone comuni
5. La pratica in pratica
6. Luce bianca
7. Esplorazioni delle polarità
8. Gli abitanti del piano mentale
9. Chiacchierio della mente
10. I tremila mondi
11. Onde e venti
12. Il vuoto crea (epilogo)
13. Associazioni del passato (bonus track)

Produced by AsolanMac powered with OSC Mobile Studio

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Copyright (c) 2016 by AsolanMac.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


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