Gears in the Rain  
Gears in the Rain

Gears in the Rain is musician and producer Brian Ruskin from the United States. Ruskin is self-taught on guitar, keyboard, drums, and electronic music production. He began composing original music as a teenager using an array of effects pedals, instruments, and 4-track tape recorders.

Since upgrading to DAW-based production in 2002, Ruskin has recorded and released a prolific catalog of cathartic albums under various guises: Advances in Obsolete Technology, Mental Health Consumer, Down Team Up, and in partnership with Czech producer Jiri Blazek as ESCALE. Genres range from techno/electro to ambient to drone and incorporate found sounds, field recordings, and live instruments, alongside analog programming and progressive beats. Since 2008, he’s curated the netlabel Believe in Billy Records, and has released music through other independent labels.

I create music that functions both as cathartic output for myself and hopefully resonates with the listener on some level” explains Ruskin. “I’d categorize Gears in the Rain music as ‘melancholy electronic’, as the tracks are always inspired by a distinct impression of a time, place, feeling, and sense of being nonplussed or awe-struck. The tunes always have a sense of unease, nostalgia or melancholy just under the surface.

Many past releases on Believe in Billy Netlabel:
Collaborative music as ESCALE:

Releases by Gears in the Rain on Zenapolæ

Release date: 10.10.2022

positive atmospheres and melodies with an embedded sense of unease

01 Liminal 1 5:31
02 Harbinger 2:14
03 Liminal 2 4:11
04 Virga Thoughts 3:11
05 Figure It Out For Yourself 5:07
06 Priority Shift 3:31
07 MECE 4:04
08 Liminal 3 4:06
09 Eustress 3:33
10 Saudade 4:19
11 February in Ithaca 4:09
12 And Now You're Here 5:55

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Copyright (c) 2022 by Gears in the Rain
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


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