Ivan Ristić  
Ivan Ristić

Ivan Ristić is a Serbian composer of electronic music, instrumentalist, sound and album artwork designer.

His first significant achievement, the debut EP album Noisy Ruins... Crumbling Souls... (recorded under the pseudonym Ivan Ivanhoerista), was released by the Hungarian-Romanian record company ADX Records in 2012, and re-released on Zenapolæ in 2024. Most of the compositions of this Experimental/Industrial/Dark Ambient creation were premiered in the program of the London radio station Resonance 104.4 fm, in the radio show called A Duck in a Tree (directed by Ben Ponton and other members of the famous British music group :zoviet* france:).

In the meantime, more than successful collaboration with the Scottish independent record company Ancient Entity Records also brings the first physical release, i.e. audio tapes of his next project Ris and an album called Frozen Idols.

This achievement represents a genre step beyond Ivan's previous work and offers the audience a new concept and sound: Dungeon Synth - a direction that has already gained cult status in the world. The next albums were Bauk Buka (2022), by Finnish DIY label Center of the Earth Records (a little later, a CD reissue by Hidden Keep (Iowa, USA)) and The Pastoral of Doom (2023) from Italian label Heimat der Katastrophe also saw cassette releases and worldwide distribution.

Lately, he has been dedicated to work on his new, also Dungeon Synth project by Ivanova Kula (with cassette and recognizable mini CD-R editions of the Canadian record company DAFTH Records), but also on the space-ambient concept projekat Rod, with which he expects future cooperation with one New York publisher and Portland's label Basement Corner Emissions.

His work (as part of the Ris project) was included in the anthology Encyclopedia of Electronic Music, which represents a kind of study of significant non-academic works of this genre. He is one of the authors of the soundtrack for the North American web dark fantasy series The Sorrow.

He participates as a guest on many compilations and some interviews. Canadian, British, Finnish and Serbian underground music zines and blogs write reviews about his music (Wyrd Daze; Metal 1on1 - The Seven Sins of Metal Reviews; Hate Meditations; Athenaeum of Sin Reviews; Bat & Spider Zine, eXperiment...) It can be heard on various international radio shows and podcasts (A Duck in a Tree; eXperiment; Undergrand Radio; Silentivm; Battleflutes & Sideway Skulls...) but also on YouTube channels worthy for promotion and the affirmation of the Dungeon Synth/Dark Ambient genre (The Dungeon Noise Cavern; Dungeon Synth Treasures; Order ov the Black Arts; Poiesis; Bat & Spider React; Conocimiento Oculto zine...)

He lives, works and creates in Negotin.


Releases by Ivan Ristić on Zenapolæ

Release date: 05.02.2024

dark ambiences, detached at times

01 Vlach Magic Dance 2:31
02 Alfa Factory 3:30
03 Two Minutes To Midnight 2:00
04 Astral Doppelgänger 4:20
05 Doctor's Tower 3:00

The very first avant-garde, experimental, drone-oriented and ritual ambient project by Ivan Ristić: EP album Noisy Ruins… Crumbling Souls…, released under his former alias name Ivan Ivanhoerista on ADX Records in 2012

Sonic and Visual art by Ivan Ristić aka Ivan Ivanhoerista aka Ris & Ivanova Kula

Full Downloads

zen284.zip (complete album with artwork)

Copyright (c) 2024 by Ivan Ristić
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


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