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Andrea Marinelli (b. 1985) is visual artist and musician. He plays live electronics starting from songwriting to jazz, to contemporary, back to traditional and forth. He develops an ethno-musical research around vocal patterns and expressions into traditional cultures collecting a huge library of vocal samples from all around the world. He uses it to create musical compositions where the digital materials meet the most analogue sound: vocals. He produce artworks like sculptures or printed images based on original photos made at TV screen. A part of this audiovisual materials converge into SECRETSHOW audiovisual performance where analogue vintage overhead projectors meets digital laguages of light and music.

He has stable musical collaboration with Tiziano Tononi for a electronics and physical drums duo, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Phil Maguire (UK), Allberto de Angeli, Demetrio Cecchitelli and others.

Andrea Marinelli played for: GEGENkino Festival / Ut Connewitz, Leipzig - SONORITIES Festival of Sound and Techonologies, Queen's University, BELFAST (UK) - La Rada / Locarno Film Festival - HANGAR BICOCCA for Moby Dickm a performance by Damian Ortega - Bluenote Milano, a Frank Zappa suite feat. Gianluigi Trovesi - Sonnenstube Lugano (Swisse) - Contemporary art museum Villa Croce di Genova – Klang Roma - MUDEC Cultures Museum – Teatro Litta Milano – Tempio del Futuro Perduto – Macao Milano - Social Music City / SILENT DISCO 4000 headphones - DAC Dolceacqua contemporary art - Zahrada Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) and more.

Main art exhibitions: Biennale di Venezia pad Tibet - MUDEC Milano - Passarè Foundation - The ArtCompany Como Lake - National art prize Novara - Nhow Milano and more.

Demetrio Cecchitelli (b. 1997) is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer and research artist. In his sound performances gestures and textures melt composing layers and timbrical juxtaposition. He uses lots of techniques from the concrete music's experience and both electroacoustic, where the usage of different sound sources, mixed to live electronics and instrumental parts argue the compositional and performative act.

Also known as halfcastle, he releases 2:2 for Biodiversità Records (Florence) in collaboration with Daniele Carcassi to that follow "Trasparenza": mix + featured article on A Closer Listen and other live and showcase for radio mixes, galleries and sound-art works like Officina Matteucci, NUB Project Space, ROCKETRADIO, Melodic Distraction, Fango Radio and Benjamin (Radio Papesse). There are also other works released for Switch Music Recordings, Weird Tapes Rekords (Italy) and many podcasts of live sessions on dedicated areas like Thera, Sinestesie and USMARADIO. His track "In Eine Welt Entrückt" inside the VV.AA. Uno of Luminance Records has been well received in the edition of January 2020 on Blow-Up Magazine. He took part, participated and played at festivals, events and happenings like: UMUM Festival, Cagetown, RIU Project, MOHO Club Discontinuo, Tempo Reale - The Last Minute Concert, Discomfort Dispatch, Wash Up! (Santarcangelo Festival), Bologna Elettrica, PoverArte.

In 2020 he releases for Manyfeetunder, Luminance Records, Ghost City Collective, Weber Editions, 1834 and Zenapolæ (forthcoming releases October-November 2020 for Healing Sound Propagandist and Sounds Against Humanity). Featured and did mixes on Dream Scenes, Dronica Podcast (Resonance Extra), Paranoise Radio and Currently attends Conservatorio Bruno Maderna (Cesena), studying Electronic Music.

Releases by Andrea Marinelli & Demetrio Cecchitelli on Zenapolæ

Release date: 06.09.2020

an improvised totality of electronic gestures and textures

T1 Frames Of Deep (feat. Chelidon Frame)
T2 Without
T3 Hi Pass
T4 Low Pass
T5 Evolution

"Inside T Sound" is a sound improvisation. The capacity of integration between the composers during the creation process of the work, is given by the complicity inside the sound(s) used in the session. Advanced electroacoustic and live electronics' techniques melt together to form a single compositional element. The work wants to represent a totality of gestures and textures, that combine, evolve a complex sound dramaturgy.

Mix & Master by Andrea Marinelli.

Full Downloads (complete album with artwork)

Copyright (c) 2020 by Andrea Marinelli & Demetrio Cecchitelli
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


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