OMBRA OBSCVRA is Jorge Gisbert Soler from Alcoi, Spain, an electronic music producer and multidisciplinary graphic artist who made his debut in 2019 with the launch of a digital, self-published EP, la nit eterna.

OMBRA OBSCVRA began producing electronic music at the early age of 15 along with a group of friends. He has grown up in the middle of the era of VHS, cassette tapes and CD-ROM, and he has always experimented to try to find different sounds giving value to the failure and the error. A few years after he forged his hobby and it became a necessity, he began experimenting with ambient music and noise, embracing and alternating with other musical styles over time. His unfathomable influences could be summed up in artists such as Holy Other, Nosaj Thing, Balam Acab, Dame, Adapt, Shlohmo and Christian Löffler among others.

His music is an environmental landscape evolution that travels between different styles, such as down tempo, dub, ambient and even IDM, all deformed and compacted under his personal and characteristic of vision, which wants to ‘touch’ something within those who listen to it.

OMBRA OBSCVRA is a particularly evasive and private artist, valuing the mystery surrounding it as a byproduct of stage fright and an initial desire to keep the project anonymous for as long as possible. Despite having performed in various festivals under different pseudonyms and musical proposals.

Releases by OMBRA OBSCVRA on Zenapolæ

Release date: 02.04.2021

a shady ambient sensory voyage with cosmic light tints, totally a statement of intents

01 fugissera-fugida
elusive runaway
02 consumació d'un prolapse decadent
consummation of a decaying prolapse
03 confosa plàcida profunditat
confusing placid depth
04 arriscada mordacitat angoixant
risky biting anguish
05 la incògnita del sentit
the unknown of meaning
06 lenitiu sentiment de serenitat
soothing feeling of serenity
07 fosca difusió decrèpita
dark decrepit diffusion
08 aïllat recés perceptiu
isolated perceptual recess
09 l'empíric brot de la consciència
the empirical outbreak of consciousness
10 una claror abstracta a la foscor
an abstract light in the dark
11 transició d'eixida
output transition

A micro-interview with Jorge Gisbert Soler on his album:

• is it a concept album, with its tracks following a common thread?
Yes, my second work develops as a progression without pretensions or anything established. It follows and explores sonic territories, which are more related to the analysis and enjoyment of sound experience, than an approach strictly linked to the dance floor. In fact, I think none of the tracks can be danced, at least I wouldn’t ;)

• what do the album & track titles mean in English?
Although I am Spanish I belong to the Levante region and I speak Valencian, and the titles are not in Spanish either. Bandname and album title are an anaphora of darkness, and this album is just a dense journey though it: "Dark Shadow - Output Transition Beyond a Rough Interior".

• is your music based on improvised playing or is it more conceptual composition?
I do not consider myself too much of a musician, rather a guy who knows how to change parameters in a computer software. But the composition of my songs, the albums, even the musical project itself, are quite conceptual and methodical. Being this one of the things that give character to the album.

• were there other musicians involved?
At the moment I work only on my tracks, although I do not rule out possible collaborations. In fact, I currently have a few musician friends working on remixes of the songs from this latest album. And I find myself working on other projects that also involve more musicians, in addition to a new LP to release under this same alias.

• what equipment do you use?
Mostly I’ve always been a software guy, I’ve tried various hardware gadgets but in the end I’ve always been discarding gear. Nowadays I work with a very small and simple setup, a laptop, ableton live as my DAW, a tiny audio interface, my headphones and a pair of small midi usb controllers also, only for lives. Working with such a small equipment allows me a lot of versatility and freedom of movement, also it allows me to put the focus on the production and not on tedious days of configuration and hardware patching.

Full Downloads (complete album with artwork)

Copyright (c) 2021 by OMBRA OBSCVRA
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License


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