Paul Edwards  
Paul Edwards was the guitar player for the Goth band Black Dahlia from 1991-1997 and recorded two albums with them: NOMAD (Funky Mushroom) and Black Dahlia (Bright Green Records). He was also a founding member of the lo-fi electronics musical outfit Spine.

Paul Edwards has headlined and performed at such influential Philadelphia venues as Hologram (the longest running monthly experimental electronica event in the city, organized by FuzzyBox and tbtmo records), Silk City, The 700 Club, LaTazza, and the Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art as part of the Space 1026 exhibit.

His Spinelab studio has recorded and mastered releases by Stinking Lizavetta (III / Tolotta), Euclid Street, Tintintabulas, Fidget (PAMS: And Other Conspiracies / Zenapolae), Trailer Park Riot, The Way Blue Bucket, and Smut.

Releases by Paul Edwards on Zenapolæ

Release date: 07.08.2001

BurnPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
SkywritingPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
Drug&BracePaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
SonoluminescencePaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
MattaesquePaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
VegaPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
Your MindPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
BloomingPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
The Box OpenedPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)

Full Downloads (complete album with artwork)

Copyright (c) 2001 by Paul Edwards. All Rights Reserved.


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