Sir Edgar Carpenter  
SIR EDGAR CARPENTER is the nom de plume of Edgar Antonio Lázaro Martínez, young student from Mexico City, born in 1994. He started making experimental and noise music in 2008, strongly influenced by The Beatles's "Revolution 9" and Yoko Ono's avantgarde albums.

Edgar released his first official studio album in 2010, called "Rage" under his own netlabel, Scriptsound Recordings deciding that "noise and experimentation of sounds" would be his trademark style. In fact, Edgar's style is well known for his use of computers and filters to manipulate, distort and transform the sounds that Edgar hears all around, in order to prove that "everything can be raw material to make music".

His albums are known for multiple reasons: his desire to make his music "available for everyone". That's why all his releases are available for free-download and listening, and even for remixing (protected under a Creative Commons License). Also, he's known for the themes included in his works, from social protests to animated series.

He's always available to work in collaborations, splits, compilation releases and even as producer.

Facebook: Sir Edgar Carpenter
Twitter: @siredgarnoise

Releases by Sir Edgar Carpenter on Zenapolæ

Release date: 27.10.2017

a noise tribute to Gravity Falls

1. One Summer After
2. Weird Parousia
3. Showdown at the Northwest Manor
4. Polydactyly
5. Insanity Is Relative
6. 7-25-6-25-12 7-5-23-15-7 24-17-14-14-7 22-17-23-15
7. The Pig Who Would Be Waddles (Bonus track, exclusive for this edition)

Full Downloads (complete album with artwork)

A moody and unsteady sonic trip inspired on Alex Hirsch's Gravity Falls, from granulated noise to ambient soundscapes, all reunited on a single album. First half of the original long version Deep Into The Northwest Forest: A Noise Tribute To Gravity Falls ("The Mabel's Side").

Recorded at various locations, September 2016 - July 2017.
Final mixing and edition made in Heaven & Hell Works, August 12th 2017.

Includes samples interpolations from Brad Breeck's Gravity Falls Score as well as dialogues from the TV series's Latin Spanish dub. Includes royalty-free field recordings.

All other non sampled sounds and instruments were produced, arranged, composed, de-composed and performed by SIR EDGAR CARPENTER.

SIR EDGAR CARPENTER: Laptop (granular synthesis, tone generators, broken music, djay, Logic Pro X, effects), microphones, various wooden objects, voice, MIDI keyboards (synthesizer, instruments, arrangements), radio, production, edition, mixing and engineering.

Visuals by UgliestArt
Text by Sir Edgar Carpenter

Full-Length version released on Scriptsound Recordings.
Second part, “The Dipper’s Side” released on Collant Noir Releases.

Copyright (c) 2017 by Sir Edgar Carpenter.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


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